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bunker buster
June 10th, 2010, 23:56
Hello guys,

I heard from a friend that house that is "Tumbok" will bring malas to the occupant. Is that true?

Is there a remedy to this?

Kasi I really like to buy this house. Big lot, ganda ng house yun lang tumbok!:icon_mad: Pero if I can make or place a remedy that would be great.

Help po

June 11th, 2010, 07:03
Hello guys,

I heard from a friend that house that is "Tumbok" will bring malas to the occupant. Is that true?

Help po

Mahirap sagutin ang tanong na yan. Its a matter of faith, do you believe someone up there made you out of a whim or just some random collection of elements? If you have doubts about the place then dont get it. But if you have faith na hindi siya malas, then get it. Nasa gut feel mo na yan.

Rene Limson
June 11th, 2010, 09:00
sir CH would likely have the best answer to the "tumbok" stuff. It's his expertise.

From my end, I can only relate two observations:

1. the lotto shop in the next village is "tumbok" also but has had two primary winners na. I do not know what they placed in their shop's front.

2. a friend's house in Marikina is "tumbok" too and either he or his wife believes the "tumbok" stuff. A big column (part of house facade), rectangular, about 1 meter wide, 20 ft high (I don't recall the depth or thickness, probably a foot or two), has a thick mirror (not plain glass) all over its width-height. It probably works as my friend is still fully employed as vp for a firm aside from having a good family life.

I believe, there's a chinese framed mirror (six sides yata) to drive away misfortunes. The framed mirror comes in several sizes. True or not, some or most don't take the chances of being "malas" as the mirror does not cost much really and hardly gets in the way of house occupants.

Another friend's idea is, "may mawawala ba sa akin kung maniwala and sumunod ako sa pamahiin?"


City Hunter
June 11th, 2010, 10:26
Hi, Sir bunker buster. Both replies ni Sir Yatta and Sir Rene Limson have weight and apply to your problem.

My professional opinion on it is this - and as fellow airsofter ka sagutin ko as freebie :) Feel free to ask more if you have further questions as at least this one is medyo mas magaan na subject than the discussions sa "Supernatural" thread.

Although valid ang sagot ni Sir Yatta take note that although God is always there to protect us the devil is also doing overtime to undo His work. The devil can convince someone to realize some gains at first to make it fall to its trap.

First, you need to check the reason why that place is being sold and this is the first thing you should always check when buying something. If its because the owners are in dire straights DO NOT BUY IT NO MATTER WHAT - alam ko sa US full disclosure dapat but no idea if ganun rin dito. Kahit super cheap o in very affordable installments ay DON'T! Just like in medicine an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Now, if the place has a good history and okay naman yun situation ng mga sellers you need to check then the condition not only of the place itself but the neighbors as well. For the latter mas maganda i-interview mo yun mga helpers, maintenance folk, guards o yun nasa barangay hall. Kamusta ba yun neighbors and neighborhood. That is the second thing you should check dahil yun karma ng mga magiging katabi mo will spillover to you sooner or later not unless remedied. Again, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure dahil ang remedy masakit sa bulsa at time.

Kapag ang neighbors-to-be mo ay nabubuhay sa kasamaan o mga tamad ay make sure you make allowances in your budget for the remedies if you really want to buy the place. However, kung ang mga katabi mo are all well-to-do and doing it legally ay you will have the best luck then kahit tumbok pa yun magiging bahay mo. As sa iyo maiipon lahat ng good luck o swerte.

Kung pasado both counts ay check what would be the katapat ng main door at main gate ng would-be home mo. If the street goes directly to either or both ay, again, set aside a budget for remedies. Just like as what Sir Rene Limson shared kaya ma-kontra yun but it will require the proper tools.

Yun pakua o bagua - if you watched that Kris Aquino movie titled "Feng Shui" ay yun ang thing Sir Rene Limson was stating - helps but if you're not Taoist the remedy should be something along the lines of your religion. Dapat yun tool kasi yun nauunawaan mo not something mysterious. And yes, totoo in some ways yun sa lousy movie ni Kris Aquino more so kung antique.

And like in that movie a pakua/bagua can be a tool for protection but can also introduce malas if wrongly placed and used.

Kung Catholic ka a blessed sacred heart image above the door plus an altar seen directly from the main door upon opening - outside going inside - will work.

Yun na-describe na remedy made on the column from Sir Rene Limson's reply ay remedy against columns na hindi cylindrical. Dahil belief says those exposed corners will cause malas to whoever is in line with it. The same applies to tables, sofas, etc.

Ha ha, although I am into this as profession currently place namin is lousy as still fixing damages caused by the last flooding and pests kaya yun dapat alamin mo rin. If the place is swarming with insects ay make sure malinis muna sila well before you move in kung ganun ka ka-decided in getting it.

And if mahilig ka sa antiques or the house will come with some ay make sure to have it cleansed before being blessed. Yun prayers for blessing buildings is on the "Supernatural" thread kaya just copy it na lang doon. If worried ka sa mga unseen ay you can always take photos of the place and share it here although the cleansing remedy plus prayers should more than suffice for a normal home basta walang super bad history.

Ooops. Forgot to add itanong mo kung may nahilig sa occult doon like doing the spirit of the glass. If EVEN JUST ONCE yun ginawa you need to really cleanse the place and have it blessed by a good priest o minister.

Summary then ng analysis ko on this is that the house na nasa tumbok may be or may not be bad depending on the information gathered. Automatic na masama yun kung may bad history and/or the owner is selling it due to hardships - kahit dahil pambayad sa maysakit na minamahal or such. It will take more checks on other factors before it can pass but as long as no such bad history or cause is recorded ay magagawaan pa ng paraan yan.

Have I handled such a case na minalas yun nasa tumbok yun bahay? Yup, and sadly it was with a friend. Hindi niya kasi tinuloy yun measures na pinapagawa ko but she's okay now and her family too. Siya yun last suicidal case ko dahil nagkaproblema siya in many things. Sabi ko sa kanya move to a new place na lang dahil rental lang naman yun kanya but ayaw kasi. That is why kung mapapansin mo inulit ko yun an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure na statement. It can be remedied but that remedy must be correct and budgeted for and maintained. Magmintis ka lang minsan o magtipid ay it will cause immediate effect.

Now, when it comes to religion and how God can overcome this although I don't like talking much of this dahil religion is a very tricky thing to discuss and I avoid it as much as I could ay kaya naman. But it will take the full cooperation of all members of the family and folks to reside in that place. Not as super religious but as in in harmony with Him, with each other and their fellow man and so too with nature.

Also nga pala check the condition of the animals, soil and plants on and around the place you are eyeing for. If moody, mad, angry or lethargic most animals in the area ay better think again. Kung yun soil, plants and such kahit sa anong alaga aren't doing well ay ditto.

bunker buster
June 11th, 2010, 13:35
Wow thanks guys for your advice. Yung house was foreclosed by the bank. The former owner live there for 12 years and according to the neighbors he has many projects (I would think business venture)hindi daw successful. Kaya it reach a point where he cannot afford to pay the amortization kaya na evict siya. The house is cheap for its location.

So as you have mentioned Sir CH, this is a super red flag for me. Not only is it tumbok but the former occupant was evicted. Pero nobody died naman inside the house according to the neighbor.

Is it safe to conclude that we should never buy a house that was foreclosed by the bank?

City Hunter
June 11th, 2010, 14:15
Hi muli, Sir bunker buster. If you would recall sa isang old thread sa FAS may nilagay ako na photo doon na rundown place. Foreclosed property rin yun at a friend who works in a bank was eyeing it too. May libreng unseen housemates kasi included as caught on the photos.

Sabihin natin professional evaluation ito to determine kung advisable or not to get the property. First, may minus points na dahil the original owner met problems - although maganda sana kung na-define a bit more yun problems. Kung naloko kasi siya then that is a bit different as easily remedied but kung nanloloko siya and its karma time for him ay medyo ibang usapan yun. As we don't know the real reason ay automatic natin - for now - na minus one na.

As tumbok siya ay minus one again until such time ma-evaluate mo how the neighbors are.

I forgot to ask nga rin pala ano elevation ng ground where the place is. Kung mas mababa siya ay really forget it. Kung level or a bit higher pwede pa ma-consider.

As minus 2 points na agad sa umpisa lang ay we have to thread carefully from here.

I need to know rin what are your possible plans with the place if you do get it - well, the basic ones lang if you are that determined. Kung pagigiba mo yun buong place to build a new one mas advisable but costly. Kung just renovate it ay yun doon tayo dapat mag-ingat a bit dahil the chi o malas in this case is still there.

At hindi naman sa paninira to places or people who sell foreclosed homes but sa professional experience ko hindi naging maganda yun lives ng nakabili ng such places IF they didn't do the proper remedies. Again, the remedies need not be expensive or even feng shui type. It could be as simple as proper and complete cleansing AND blessing done regularly. Yup, regularly just like how we maintain other things.

My professional advice for you is try to see if there are other places na pwede mo pa mabili. Don't limit yourself to just this option.

Not sure if sa Hostage to the Devil ko nabasa yun account but there was a documented case wherein a couple of girls who live together - hindi naman lesbian but friends lang - won a lottery just enough to afford the country home they saw for sale before. Nakalipat sila doon but naging miserable buhay nila dahil may serious bad chi - well, dating place ng mga black magic practitioners pala kasi yun. Kailangan i-exorcise sila to save them - they were going to kill each other na kasi - and leave that place. Well, OT na ito and mga extreme cases lang naman but its not something which doesn't happen.

FYI. One reason why VP Binay is going to use the old Makati Municipal Hall as his VP office as doon nagsimula ang swerte niya. Ditto can be said why that old SM sa Quiapo is still there dahil doon nagsimula ang swerte. If the place is lucky it will continue to bring good luck but the same too applies to bad luck. It can be countered but it will require full cooperation, time and expertise.

Ito yun 2 photo I have left of that foreclosed place I was mentioning. If ganyan kabigat yun dating ng place you are checking I'm going to advice you, as a professional, to steer clear of it na.



And yun degree ng malas doesn't have to be someone died there or even was interred or na-burol doon. Yun fact that having those many companies pero nagkaproblema means may serious chi diyan which can give major good luck as well as bad luck. Again, ma-OT na tayo dito so will just touch lightly on the subject. It could be as simple as karma ng owner or it could be something in that place got offended.

Sa mga places that have such history sabihin ko sa iyo hindi makuha yan ng one time cleansing operation lang. Constant updating just like what you do with kids para lumaki silang malakas at malusog. Kaya to avoid the headache do not limit yourself to just this option and explain it to your better half rin para maintindihan niya.

Clue mo kung karma lang ng owner ang bad is inquire how the spouse and kids are. Kung okay naman yun spouse at kids - at hindi separated or widowed early yun owner - ay then isolated to the owner's karma lang yun bad luck.

bunker buster
June 11th, 2010, 19:59
Sir CH, the neighbor I spoke is nice. As a matter of fact he gave me all the info he knows about the former owner. Ang comment lang niya that takes me aback is when he said: "oh this guy has so many projects but none seems to take off" it kinda gave me a signal na medyo tagilid ang Feng shui ng place. E ako dami din projects/ideas hehe!

The reason I like the place kasi its located in a major road. Elevated ang lot. Big land area and of course mura! House is run down pero the former occupant recently moved out. After buying this I cannot afford to demolish and build a new one.

Of course I'm not going to force it kung as you said it requires "Feng Shui" maintenance at saka it has already some minus points. I think we spoke before about me being more malas than a regular person. So that's another minus point for me. Ok lang if I have a lot of good luck to spare but they are far in between. Minsan wala pa nga e.haha!

It is true din when you mentioned about the 2 girls who bought the house where black magic was performed. It really opens portals where evil forces comes in. I regularly watch those Ghost hunter reality shows. The ghost investigators makes a distinction between a human spirit and demons. Demons are really powerful they can scratch & hurt people. At saka w/a thermal imager it seems the demon appears hot on the screen whereas spirit appears cold than ambient temp. Anyway, this is a whole new topic.

Sir CH one last question po, if I buy a house with bad chi pero did not live in it and plan to resell will it affect me if I don't live there? Kung baga investment.

City Hunter
June 11th, 2010, 20:14
Hi, Sir bunker buster. Yup, kahit hindi ka tumira doon as long as ikaw or whoever is now the new owner of the place makukuha mo yun swerte or malas pa rin. Dami ko na na case na ganyan kahit nasa US o Europe o Australia pa sila the malas still hounds them. Ditto with items you just threw kasi malas. Dapat either sell it off or destroy it completely.

Hmmm, as kung bibilhin mo ito ay hanggang renovation lang ay it may cause serious headaches later on. Mas maganda muna to find another place for now and put this at the bottom of your list. Who knows you might luck into one na maganda ang chi then you can use that luck to counter this one. Pwede yun as your chi will be strengthened and laging may "charger" ka everytime you go home. This is why kung saan nagsimula swerte mo never to let it go no matter how insignificant it has come to be na. Dahil all your luck will wash away kapag na-dispose mo yun ng di oras. The same can be said of something which is malas. However, walang malas na tao naman.

You can boost your luck by doing good deeds, attuning to Him and Nature and proper balancing of mind, body and spirit.


Forgot to add that kung ganun kalapit siya sa major road then its no wonder may problems yun may-ari. As you may have noted, sorry kung nagiging feng shui thread na ito, ang SM Megamall, North EDSA and even Trinoma which are located along EDSA are designed in such a way na hindi ganun kalapit ang main entrance nila sa main road. Yun isang hinahawakan ko na government office - pro bon as really desperate na yun mga tao - which is also along EDSA sunod-sunod na yun namamatay. Take note that they were quite healthy and happy before they moved there and when the "process" began na ay sunod-sunod na.

bunker buster
June 12th, 2010, 19:26
No apology needed for this being a FS thread. Your help is above & beyond (literally) of which I'm thankful. Very enlightening!

Ideally Sir CH I should look for House or lots that are off major roadway? Not to mention the other guidelines you have mentioned already. I tend to look for big road kasi I have plans sana to make showroom for my (future) product lines kung baga double purpose yung house ko.

City Hunter
June 12th, 2010, 22:04

For a home its best advised to get one which isn't that too near or literally next to a major road, waterway, railway and/or airport. There are remedies but it is not something which someone on a tight budget could opt for.

You can get a home that is accessible by a road which connects to a major roadway. Example would be our place in Makati. For folks familiar with Buddy's Kalayaan we're just a corner away from it. It, Buddy's Kalayaan, is situated along formerly Imelda Avenue now Kalayaan Avenue which is next to Manila South Cemetery. Most of the places that face that side have difficulties and the only reason why, for feng shui, Buddy's Kalayaan is not only surviving but thriving is because of having other branches in good locations.

Our home is accessible from Kalayaan Avenue and Reposo now known as Nicanor Garcia. Masasabing major roads na rin as madami ang traffic - unlike before when Makati was still mostly talahib and you can spot the buildings at Ayala from the 2nd floor of our home.

Now, as you and most folks want to use their place for business too you need to make some provisions. There is no issue with fronting a major road even like EDSA provided you have adequate front space to do remedies. If you may have noticed SM Megamall, Trinoma and even SM North EDSA hindi dikit na dikit sa EDSA ang main doors nila. You have to walk a bit to reach that main entrance. That is one very important factor that you have to consider in designing and/or buying a place may it be a home or establishment.

Now, kung ang business na balak mo is of the Fire element such as selling of LPG, fastfood, internet cafe - electricity and electronics are of the fire element pa rin, selling appliances ay hindi advisable to live above as you will find yourself often sick, easily irritated, mabilis maubos ang pera na kinita or all of the above. He he, its not good too to live with a food establishment below as mas mabilis magkaroon ng maraming ipis at daga.

As showroom lang ang balak mo pwede yun even if you do it like the new ones where you entertain prospective clients or even do demos. Although if you are going to demo electronic items ay that will not apply as madalas laging naka-on yun.

Ilibre ko na kayo sa 100k talent fee ko to remedy that kind of a situation. Basically, you need to have a separate entrance for the business and sa residential space above. If walang choice but to use an entrance from the office space ay kailangan may separate door yun and it should have another door at the other end. Make sure rin the stairs doesn't have a septic tank, CR and/or water pump.

So, maliban sa history why its being sold/leased/rented ay make sure yun mga negative chi o malas generators are far from your going to be office, not seen from the main door and far from your bedroom. Malas generators are stairs, CR, septic tank and dirty water/sewage lines, stove - if seen directly from the main door and is aligned to the CR and/or ref/sink, stairs facing directly the main door and the rear door seen from the main door. The latter doesn't have to be magkatapat. The mere fact that you could see it directly from the main door is already bad. Ditto applies even for a CR kahit sarado and well cleaned pa siya dahil if seen from the main door ay automatic minus point na yun.

Check the floor and wall patterns too. Haunted places usually have a pattern that is caught sa photos and even reflections sa mirrors. AVOID AT ALL COST having a floor pattern na crazy cut or its like. If you don't have an idea which is good or bad stick to basics. You can always spruce up a bland interior but it will be costly to fix a spiced up interior when your finances, health and relationship is going down the drain.

Next is observe the drainage outside. IF there is one that is aligned to a door or window that is also bad. For those who still remember Marky Cielo you may have noticed yun front door niya is aligned sa drainage outside. Another would be having a lamp post, electrical post especially one with a power transformer aligned to your window or door. This is as bad as having your home na tumbok sa road.

Magpakawala pa ako another 100k freebie. The remedy for a home na tumbok sa road is to either change the door AND gate in such a way its not going to be aligned sa road - ala Megamall. You could also use plants - highly recommended cacti variety - placed in that area which is tumbok sa road, drainage, etc. Mas matipid yun latter option BUT you have to maintain that plant. Hindi pwede hayaan mo lang mamatay yun as if it dies ay its a warning of an incoming major malas.

Take note. Kapag serious disaster is coming your way you will always have 3 warnings. Again, as you may have noted may mga numbers na madalas ma-encounter mo sa mga major religions, legends, etc. and 3 is one of them. It may come in different forms but palagi mayroon yan. Its up to you nga lang kung mapansin mo yun warning at take action.

Also check the name of the street and number. Sa ilang places walang number at name ng street so you medyo mas mahirap task ninyo. Kapag malas yun number such as 13 ay you MAY find yourself losing some number of clients. Some kasi are superstitious lalo na yun mga nagbukas during Ghost Month. Sa isa sa mga first cases I handled the number of the house ended in 13. Yun plaka ng motor nila also ended in 13. I forgot kung ano pa yun isa but it was the number 4 - compound yun lugar and dulo ng kalye was North Cemetery pero yun perimeter wall. Super malas yun family as in disobedient kids, a sickly mother and a father who was at his wits end on what to do. Ang masama pa nito ay yun mga pangontra ng mga kapitbahay nila na well-to-do - hindi naman lahat Chinese-Filipino - ay nakaturo sa bahay nila. In short, malas na sila lalo pa minalas dahil lahat ng malas ng neighbors are being thrown at their direction. Before I forget sa kabilang dulo ng street nila may malaking balete tree at beside it was the barangay hall and may small police station rin na maliit a few meters away.

Another malas factor to consider is kung malapit ka sa punerarya, sementeryo, hospital, police station, fire station, jail, school, bank - well, ito lang yun maalala ko pa for now. Malas ang place mo IF madalas dumadaan diyan yun mga karo ng patay - buti na lang kami hindi yun street mismo na dinadaanan ng mga karo on the way to Manila South Cemetery. I've handled a lot of those at ang hirap i-save. Mas practical pa to move to a new place in short. Others malakas makahatak ng malas rin but not in the same league indeed ng route where a karo often takes. To save yourself from that kind of malas you need to place lots of REAL plants outside AND pour water mixed with natural rock or sea salt outside whenever one passes.

Banks kasi naka-feng shui yan ng matindi to the point that they become black holes which suck up the swerte in a place. You should also not be aligned even to a karatola of a negative feature or business. Like kung katapat ng kukunin ng place mo may karatola ng punerarya o sementeryo that's going to be bad for you.

Last but not the least ay itanong mo kung may ibinurol doon. May lingering chi kasi ang mga yun but its not as bad as a haunted one. Kailangan mo lang i-cleanse and bless properly before even starting to renovate it.

Ooops. Kung mga pang toilet ang i-display mo just make sure that huwag naman paglaruan madalas yun flush.

bunker buster
June 14th, 2010, 09:16
Sir CH,

Dami na ako utang sayo. Thanks for the guidelines. Cge once I found a place papa feng shui ko sayo. Sana maka discount kami mga airsoft players ha...

Thanks again for the info.

City Hunter
June 14th, 2010, 09:42
Forgot to add that if its a place for the living its very ideal to have the main door and/or master's bedroom facing East.

Last but not the least, inquire how the occupants or former occupants are after sleeping kahit yun mga helpers lang. Kung restless, kulang sa tulog despite a full night's sleep, etc. then something is very wrong with the place. Sleep kasi ang isa sa mga gauges mo on how good or bad a place may be. Kung may madalas mabangungot diyan then put it on the last portions of your want-to list.

Forgot to add na isa rin sa mga dapat ingatan mo in really checking out ay kung may basement o pababa yun back part of the place - yun bang nasa isang incline. Yun isang hinawakan ko na ganun sa province it was a good thing the lola wasn't home then dahil pinasok at ninakawan yun place. Besides that lahat ng nakatira doon nag-aaway madalas and/or sakitin. Such a home can be made a bit better but it will cost more to fix it. Mas maganda sana naayos na yun mga mali sa design bago pa itinayo.


In case curious kayo how REAL feng shui or vastu is used in designing a home ay babasahan ka muna ng life readings ninyo at the very least. This way alam mo saan ang swerte at malas mo. Real example is yun isang mag-asawa na hinawakan ko they have everything in life na - family, wealth, a nice home, lots of good earning businesses, etc. What then is wrong? Sa chart nila in a few years time mamatay yun couple sa isang ambush. The kids will get depressed and the wealth will dissipate but will return naman later on yet the kids will become twisted dahil they want revenge. To counter that then ay hindi more swerte needed but long life as the former will only draw in more people who want to use or rid of them. Did it work? Yup. Take note yun bodyguard mismo ng mga kids ang may balak mag-kidnap buti na lang dahil mabait sila sa mga tao nila the workers told the parents' of the plan before it materialized. Muntik rin maging victim of kidnapping yun guy dahil target na pala siya buti na lang nahuli ng mga pulis yun salarin. The suspect was caught kasi kilalang hoodlum at nasa wanted list at napiga na lang sa kanya yun plano. Well, the alert period isn't over yet for them but okay pa rin sila even now. The good thing about them was that maganda ang bonding ng family PLUS they don't want more wealth or power pa. I told them to avoid going into politics and if they are to support one ay equally support the others just to play it safe.

Found an interesting article too:


A Chinese carpenter named Cojuangco helped build Malacaņang
A COMMITMENT By Tingting Cojuangco (The Philippine Star) Updated June 06, 2010 12:00 AM

Malacaņang has a history older than the White House of America.

In 1887, the task of reconstructing Malacaņang fell on Governor General Domingo Mariones y Murilla. He put into public bidding the project of rehabilitating what was once a country home in Pandacan to Francisco Garcia Yap-Tiongco, a Chinese contractor. Tiongco won the bid at P7,100; his masons, carpenters and helpers were Chinese and a few Filipinos.

Among the Chinese carpenters who worked in the reconstruction, the widening and remodeling of Malacaņang, was a certain Chinese named Co Juan Co. He was likewise a foreman in 1871 that carved out the details of the staircases and balusters extending below the ceiling on the cuatro aguas of high-pitched ceiling, elliptical arches of the grand salon of Malacaņang. He worked with gifted hands. He earned what was the usual salary of a Chinese carpenter, three centavos a day, being a skilled carpenter.

Cojuangco would have traced his ancestry to Martin Co, the most plausible known direct ancestor who first traveled from Xiamen, China, to the Philippines. Intsik Jose braided with a que was known as El Chino, an artisan turned landowner. In all probability he was the Malacaņang carver who toiled with his hands, yet he was never to see his descendant climb the staircase he fashioned to go to work for the nation.

Malacaņang can be repugnant. After the Marcoses abandoned Malacaņang and fled, those who entered complained of a pungent smell of a hospital brought about by an illness. Marcos abandoned his seat of power with mattresses strewn in his bedroom. Food was laid on the dining table. No one dared eat it, fearing it had been poisoned by the departing residents or the uniformed personnel who arrived there as the family helicopter fled away, or even by the very angry crowd that attacked the palace gates and rushed up the wide majestic staircase where elegant gentry stepped on and ball gowns touched the gentle carpet. It had become at least those four or five days and nights the People’s Palace until order was restored by the Philippine Army.

I picked up bras and panties and stockings to protect thrown on the floor and bathroom. Was it the First Lady’s? Maybe. We were afraid to touch even the tiniest valise for booby traps inside it or maybe bomb, as Jojo Binay, our human rights lawyer in the 1978 Batasang Pambansa elections, cautioned everyone.

Malacaņang can be a mystery — which doors lead to where?

How many closets shelter the wardrobe of the lady of the house? How few does the man of the house use? What a home with thick wooden doors so difficult to open in a lady-like manner, windows that seem permanently shut, voices that produce echoes and secrets…and we thought protectively sheltered its occupants till that day in 1986. Those who lived in fame and honor departed hastily, leaving dead silence and a cold abode. But wasn’t it to be the symbol of sovereignty and the very heart of our government? That took some reconstruction and psychological reorientation.

Malacaņang has a history older than the White House of America. Was its name meant to mean Sitio de Pescadores (village of fishermen), which in Tagalog meant mamalakaya or as some insist from the words may lakan diyan (there are nobles there).

Malacaņang Palace was built on land granted to Don Antonio Dias Conde for his services during the British attack as a member of the Council of War on September 25, 1762. Four years later, on December 16, 1766, it was purchased by a surgeon, Don Luis Rocha, for P425 as his summer villa. It was an imposing country house with tropical gardens half-hidden from the street by a massive stone fence.

Again, ownership changed hands. Don Jose Miguel y Formento bought it on Nov. 16, 1802 for 1,100 Mexican pesos. When he died, his executors offered it for sale. There were no takers. It was only in 1825, when Gov. Gen. Mariano Ricafort Palacin y Abarca, acquired it for the Spanish government with money raised from the Chinese sampan traders’ head taxes. He named it Campo de Malacaņang. It was intended to be the rest house of the top officials of the land.

For 20 years, it remained desolate. The Governor’s Palace in Intramuros continued to be the executive’s official residence. Only in 1848 did the Spanish government renovate the Campo de Malacaņang.

The first Gov. Gen. to use it was the famous conqueror of the Balangingi Moro pirates of Sulu, Narciso Claveria. He was the Spanish official responsible for changing the surnames of the Filipino people from A to Z, from Luzon to Mindanao. Hence, letter D for Batangas (Dimaculangan, Dimayuga, Dimagiba, Dimalanta), for Bicol (Bulan, Buban, Bataller, Bachiller and Bullos or Reales, Regazpi, Realo, Ramoso, Raņeses), and so on.

For the next 15 years, Possession de Malacaņang, as it was rechristened, served as the summer residence of the Governor-Generals. Several improvements on the estate were made. A fortification, a harbor and a dance hall were constructed, where in the 1960s, Queen Sirikit and her husband King Bhumibol, enjoyed the rigodon as guests of President Diosdado Macapagal and his beloved Eva. Doors from floor to ceiling caught the attention of everyone. So did the Florentine oil lamps that lined the walls and passageways.

Then came the earthquake of June 3, 1863, which killed thousands of people and destroyed hundreds of buildings and homes in Manila. The Governor’s Palace in Intramuros lay in ruins.

Governor-General Rafael de Echague y Bermingham was compelled to move his office to Malacaņang Palace. He made it his official residence. More improvements were made.

Officials found it difficult to reside in Malacaņang and hold office at the Ayuntamiento in Intramuros. During rainy season, the streets of San Miguel were frequently under water. Communication was impossible, except by banca. So the school building in Santa Potenciana in the Walled City was converted into a provisional place for the chief executive. Malacaņang was again abandoned.

It was not until 1869 when Malacaņang once more attracted attention. The Duke of Edinburgh was coming to visit. Malacaņang and its gardens were fittingly remodeled to accommodate the royal visitor and his family. As work was nearing completion, another earthquake struck on Oct. 1, 1869, destroying the buttresses and columns of the Palace and the massive stone gate. Decision to reconstruct the Palacio de Malacaņang was made.

It was to be a major architectural undertaking. The former buildings were destroyed by a great wave coming from the Pasig River during the typhoon of Sept. 29 and 30, 1871. The whole area of Malacaņang was under water.

Hardly was the renovation finished when another earthquake shook the foundations of Manila in July 1890. Malacaņang had to be restored. Prince Oscar of Sweden was scheduled to visit. More improvements followed in 1891. Another royal visitor in the person of the Prince of Russia was coming. Paintings of famous artists graced the palace, a series of talks was held between Jose Rizal and Governor-General Eulogio Dispujol in June and July of 1892.

The palace indeed was a villa fit for royalty and patriots. A large balcony facing the Pasig River was built. There, the high and the mighty of those times viewed the annual boat race on the occasion of the birthday of the Spanish king. It was one of the great events of the year participated by the native rowers and champions.

Because of its elegant construction and historic appeal, Malacaņang became the logical choice for the official residence of the American governor-general. It was there that he held court.

It was in the mid of this splendor that Emilio Aguinaldo lived in one of the rooms as a prisoner of Gen. Arthur MacArthur, father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Manuel Quezon then used to visit him in this splendid court.

Not much was destroyed during World War II, except for the surrounding modern buildings. Malacaņang Palace remained substantially the same as it was during the Spanish and American occupations.

Inside Malacaņang proper, one cannot but feel a sense of majesty of the past. It certainly is an inspiring place of the glory of those who strove to steer our nation’s greatness. Whatever happens, it will always be the home-office-entertainment arena of choice for our republic.

Incoming President Noynoy Aquino has yet to make up his mind on where he wants to live as president. He plans to take up residence at the Arlegui Mansion. The so-called White House on Arlegui was built by the Fernandez family and was rented by the German Embassy. Coincidentally, the family of the grandfather of Noynoy lived at the Laperal Mansion before the war back to family heritage.

Take note too yun renovation work done on Malacanang during 1978-79. Inalis yun pair of lions sa baba ng grand staircase. These are like the pair of dog statues you see in Chinese structures. Magic number is 3 and 4 kaya take note of what happened during 1983 and 1986 and the years between '78 and '86. What does this mean? A simple thing na inilagay o inalis may contribute major changes.

Kung hindi ko pa nga pala nailagay ay avoid getting a home na crazy cut yun pattern sa sahig. Not unless you have enough dinero to change that ay forget getting it.

City Hunter
June 15th, 2010, 18:06
Although this would be OT ay i-add ko lang some points. When constructing or renovating a home its very important that not only have you cleansed the place but also maintain that the "cleanliness" of the place. You do not allow anyone to pee or poo just anywhere especially in the middle of the place. You do not dump trash just like that anywhere and it is also very important you do not agree to having pagan rituals done to "bless" the place.

Said questionable rituals are like those wherein you sacrifice an animal and sprinkle its blood. There will also be local experts who will say they were told that you have to sacrifice and/or buy certain ingredients, food and/or material as offering.

There are also New Age "experts" who will "recommend" that you buy certain very expensive things to bury in order to "bless" your place.

Such aren't going to bless you but instead bless them. The bad thing about it is that you may invite bad luck to your home instead of the good luck which you are hoping for.

What one must focus on is strengthening one's faith and using that connection to rid of your place of ALL negative chi may it be a normal one or an unusual one. It requires only the full cooperation and belief if all participants. If there are folks who don't believe in what you are doing tell them to take a break at the local sari-sari store and come back after the activity is done. This applies too to blessings during grand openings, baptismals and weddings. Yun mga gusto lang kumain ay pumunta na lang sa reception.

bunker buster
June 16th, 2010, 18:56
cge po Sir CH. Digest ko muna yung wealth of information.

---------- Post added at 17:56 ---------- Previous post was at 11:57 ----------

Bale Sir CH paano yng mga bahay sa America, 90% have basement does it mean they automatically have bad FS? May attic pa. Usually they use it as storage

June 16th, 2010, 20:18
^Kaya nga sa umpisa pa lang sinabi ko na "its a matter of faith". I knew you will find a contradicting example sooner or later down the road.

City Hunter
June 16th, 2010, 21:38
Hi muli, bunker buster :) It depends on how well the place was cleansed and blessed then used. Sa bahay ng auntie ko sa Marikina may attic sila and there you may find yourself facing a ghost of a lady still waiting for her lover na Katipunero.

Usually kasi ang basement, attic and our bodegas are where we store junks. Such, the junk, represent malas or negative chi in this case. If its something that you cannot hope to fix ay better send it to the recycling facility. Kung kailangan pa naman sa future just make sure the storage space is regularly cleaned so that stagnant chi won't accumulate.

Ang masama kasi is if those places become areas where unsupervised activity is done such as pot sessions, occult practices, etc. Over time the negative chi that is generated in those areas attract even more negative chi and if an occupant allows something in ay yun na yun.

Hindi ko lang ma-recall at the moment yun title ng book but its about some of the documented cases ng isang couple who investigate unusual things. Isang case nila wherein yun daughter ay naging interested sa black magic and invited something to their home. Sa isa naman ay sa basement malakas yun feeling ng really negative chi.

IF you go to a place and suddenly you feel nahihilo, kinakati, may intense na mabaho to the point na halos masuka ka or even masuka na nga ay LEAVE ASAP! Its your body reacting to intense negative chi just the same way we react when poison enters our body - he he, naranasan ko na ma-food poisoning kasi. This is basically more than just gut feeling or intuition na.

The really best clue to know if the place has a really bad chi is the degree of how animals shun the place. IF you don't even see cats loitering in the questioned area then that is a positive sign na. Cats are said to be attracted to areas with large amounts of stagnant chi but will stay away from negative ones.

bunker buster
June 17th, 2010, 08:05
^Kaya nga sa umpisa pa lang sinabi ko na "its a matter of faith". I knew you will find a contradicting example sooner or later down the road.

Well Sir yat,

For me yung FS is more like designing a jet plane. Even though may faith ka and so forth and so on if your plane design do not follow the "Law of Aerodynamics" mahihirapan yan lumipad. It requires bigger engine to lift a square plane kesa one with wings with a tubular fuselage. Pero pwede rin yan lang your life would be difficult pero nakaka raos din. Pero kung your life is in harmony (with advice from Sir CH) mas maganda di ba?Everything is streamlined and you go about life easily. That is what I am trying to achieve here. Harmony with my surrounding.

Kasi I do believe each of us are given different sets of cards. Some are luckier, some are handsome and some are taller and some are the opposite of all this. Ok lang if one have all the good qualities you don't meet as much problem as those in the shallow end of the gene pool. Of course there are those in between sometimes swerte sometimes hindi. These are the people who seek advice/help from people like CH.

Ganyan lang yun. Of course as you said "its a matter of faith", well if it works for you swerte ka! I'm happy for you, that you do not meet the things that we "regular' people have to go through.

At Sir Yat cool ka lang you seem to be irritated. This is just a discussion. If you don't like the topic then don't read the thread. Nobody is forcing you.

City Hunter
June 17th, 2010, 08:21
Located the reference I was talking of. Its the demonologist by gerald daniel brittle.

June 17th, 2010, 09:08
Well Sir yat,

For me yung FS is more like designing a jet plane. Even though may faith ka and so forth and so on if your plane design do not follow the "Law of Aerodynamics" mahihirapan yan lumipad. It requires bigger engine to lift a square plane kesa one with wings with a tubular fuselage. Pero pwede rin yan lang your life would be difficult pero nakaka raos din. Pero kung your life is in harmony (with advice from Sir CH) mas maganda di ba?Everything is streamlined and you go about life easily. That is what I am trying to achieve here. Harmony with my surrounding.

Kasi I do believe each of us are given different sets of cards. Some are luckier, some are handsome and some are taller and some are the opposite of all this. Ok lang if one have all the good qualities you don't meet as much problem as those in the shallow end of the gene pool. Of course there are those in between sometimes swerte sometimes hindi. These are the people who seek advice/help from people like CH.

Ganyan lang yun. Of course as you said "its a matter of faith", well if it works for you swerte ka! I'm happy for you, that you do not meet the things that we "regular' people have to go through.

At Sir Yat cool ka lang you seem to be irritated. This is just a discussion. If you don't like the topic then don't read the thread. Nobody is forcing you.

Ok sorry, thats was not my intention to belittle your efforts to get the most of out a deal. Kaya nga tinanong kita sa umpisa pa lang, "do you believe that we are a creation of some higher being (meaning are you particularly reliegious)? Or are we just a collection of random molecules (not religious)?".

Yung tanong mo na how come sa US they don't seem to be particular about FS, and yet more or less we all know mas maganda buhay nila dun di ba? IMO and no offense to CH, if you have the faith and believe na gaganda ang buhay mo (with of course a bit of effort on your part) then kahit saan ka tumira, you will succeed.

Personal example: Kaibigan kong Pinay noon nung nag-aaral pa kami sa Japan, ang apartment unit niya 404 (for the Japanese 4 and 9s are a bad number as they are homonyms to death, the owner of the apartments btw was a Japanese Christian, who doesn't believe in such things as he finds it goes against what the Bible says) and even our block name sounds bad "下" meaning below or down. And yet she graduated on time with a PhD. She will soon be moving to New Zealand to teach in a university there with her Kiwi husband.

City Hunter
June 17th, 2010, 10:07
No offense taken, Sir Yatta. 404 isn't bad in feng shui may it be Chinese, Korean or even Japanese versions. 4 + 0 + 4 = 8 which is a good number. 9 is very much like 7 although in a more positive light. 7 can give and take your luck away while 9 depends on what you have achieved to produce the luck you are deserving of.

The Chinese or Japanese version of down is indeed usually connected with bad but feng shui and other similar belief always state there is a positive side to a negative thing. This is why the Tai Chi symbol has a white spot on the dark field and a black spot on the white field - that in darkness there is always hope and in light there is always darkness lurking somewhere.

Luck is made up of 3 things: God Luck or Heaven Luck, Man Luck and Nature Luck. IF one has good karma then that person is said to be blessed with much God or Heaven Luck at the time of his birth. I opine your friend has such which is why she was able to overcome the challenges of her environment. Another worthy example is our favorite president, PGMA. Just take a look at how she was able to weather all those challenges in her 9 years of (questioned) presidency.

As not all folks are blessed with that kind of luck at the time of their birth we address those shortcomings by attuning ourselves to Him - thus the importance of strong faith, by doing good to our fellow Man and by respecting Mother Nature.

Do note too that everything undergoes a cycle. It is not always that one is going to be lucky in life always. There will be phases wherein things will be down. Just like us as sometimes we are well and sometimes we are not. It is those moments which we are to prepare for. Just like in skirmishing. You bring a sidearm or an extra magazine/battery just in case Murphy attaches itself to you.

Per experience including personal ones, we will undergo a test in life similar to what Jesus had when he was tested by the devil in the desert and on the cross. And although a strong faith is good you need to improve your environment to better your chances of fighting such off. Not in terms of material wealth but in creating an environment that is in harmony with you - a loving family, a circle of good and reliable friends, a clean and wholesome environment, a place where you can relax and attune to Him quickly when you meditate, etc. Such is the aim of the art and science of feng shui, vastu and its equivalents.

The only reason why feng shui is cast in a negative light by many is because of the so-called "experts" who give "advices" that are nothing more but to sell useless goods to folks.

And although I may have yet to step even on a US territory I do have a lot of requests from folks who live there. Hindi ko lang masasabi majority of it are like what most folks would be sa US but mas mabigat ang mga problema nila compared to ours. Sa atin yun mga prayers I shared here are uncontested by those of the unseen "dark side." Sa kanila "they" attack it sa simula pa lang or just as you finished saying it. I doubt that its because I wasn't there personally to teach it dahil I do that too to folks here but, in my opinion, due to their environment.

Here's an edited message from one: "Its me xxxxx again. My girlfriend and I are having a problem in the bathroom again. I was wondering if you would happen to no anyone here in the states that could help us with getting rid of this unwanted spirit. As in someone to bless out home. I'm not sure what to do be cause last time I blessed the house I felt overwhelmed and I'm really not up for that again. She has been seeing skulls and creepy things when she closes her eyes in the shower and felt a presents in with her. I need a medium or priest to bless this home so that we can feel safe here again."

Updated the subject with the prayers and procedure and the reply was this:

"Well the thing is the last time i recited the saint Archanegl Michael battle prayer i felt very over whelmed and not sure if i could do it again. This time what ever it is has came back even stronger but i have not had an encounter with it so far but my girlfriend has for about the past 2 weeks. I have thought about reciting the SAM prayer while she is in the shower and its in there bothering her. She has said that she feels like there is someone in the shower with her and when she closes her eyes she sees skulls and things like dead bodys... Also last week we had a bird fly into the picture window and fell to the ground but got up and flew away..."

Do note that before or after I give my advice I always remind the subject(s) to go to a priest or minister nearest to them for more expert guidance. And whenever a home or establishment is to be blessed it is always better to have a priest or minister officiating it.

I do believe its not people are lacking in faith but may have questions or are being questioned about their faith. Not only do we have to defend our beliefs against atheists who seemed to have made it their mission in life to attack all beliefs but we also defend it against that dark voice whispering to us to question Him. By creating a harmonious environment you lessen these things from overcoming you in your connection to Him.

The following are photos of a seemingly ordinary environment:

A simple itik farm:



A spacious home in Metro Manila:



Focus on this:


Why the seemingly "heavy" feel? The former has this to influence such to occur:


And the other a neighbor who may have been blinded too much by his version of religion and has no harmony at all with his fellow man - wala na akong photos of it as my hard disk that has all those files went kaput and iilan lang yun na-save ko sa web storage.

Meeting those folks I noted that its not because they lack faith or weak in faith but are in an environment wherein their faith will always be under test. Yes, as long as a human has strong faith he can weather those assaults but do note we are only human and we have limits. Assaulted everyday we weaken in our capacity to defend against such. What I do for such folks is strengthen their defenses and give them options. Sa former is a total redesign of their farm's perimeter and the itik farm's sewage system and for the latter dahil rental lang naman ay lumipat na lang as hindi nila magawa regularly yun basic procedure that I ask them to.

Strengthening your faith requires effort and sacrifices. The problem is that a lot are not observing it or don't really know how to do it. Seeking advice from real feng shui and vastu or whatever equivalent isn't deviating from your faith in Him but actually strengthening it. The key is getting the right advice. Thus, opening oneself to options isn't bad. Its how you filter those given options ang siguraduhin. If it makes you weaken your faith then its obviously something which isn't good for you.

bunker buster
June 17th, 2010, 13:10
Ok sorry, thats was not my intention to belittle your efforts to get the most of out a deal. Kaya nga tinanong kita sa umpisa pa lang, "do you believe that we are a creation of some higher being (meaning are you particularly reliegious)? Or are we just a collection of random molecules (not religious)?".

Yung tanong mo na how come sa US they don't seem to be particular about FS, and yet more or less we all know mas maganda buhay nila dun di ba? IMO and no offense to CH, if you have the faith and believe na gaganda ang buhay mo (with of course a bit of effort on your part) then kahit saan ka tumira, you will succeed.

Personal example: Kaibigan kong Pinay noon nung nag-aaral pa kami sa Japan, ang apartment unit niya 404 (for the Japanese 4 and 9s are a bad number as they are homonyms to death, the owner of the apartments btw was a Japanese Christian, who doesn't believe in such things as he finds it goes against what the Bible says) and even our block name sounds bad "下" meaning below or down. And yet she graduated on time with a PhD. She will soon be moving to New Zealand to teach in a university there with her Kiwi husband.

Apology accepted Sir yat. Pero I don't feel belittled. I just want opinions from fellow airsofter who are psychic specialist.

I know where you are coming from. As I said each person are given a set of cards, some have more alas some have less. Siguro Sir yat you are one of those people that are blessed so your view of things are different from us. Pero for me "Live and let live" i don't impose anything on anybody. If we have nice discussion going on why not? Kung baga nice to know.

@Sir CH

Alam mo you mentioned about the haunted house, feeling of heaviness to dizziness are recurring symptoms. Some attribute it to High EMF(electro magnetic force) from wirings, pero absence of EMF and ganyan pa rin ang feeling chances are its haunted. Very interesting.

City Hunter
June 17th, 2010, 13:30
Yup. Not only that but those things which produce a lot of EMF attract negative things. Besides EMF generators ay yun things which subconsciously give us negative chi. Take for example yun mere sign ng isang memorial service company. Yun main entrance then ng establishment was facing directly it. Combined with many negative factors in feng shui ay hindi nga nanakawan yun bank BUT it suffered a serious loss dahil sa inside job. The subject who rented it after - very matagal bago nagkaroon ng interest - found it hard to fix it up. Four months delayed na yun contractor when never pa siya pumalya sa deadline. This is where I came in - well, madalas tinatawag na lang ako kapag really out of ideas na ang mga subjects on how to solve a situation.

After suggesting to the contractor and foreman (and syempre yun nagpapa-renovate) na to pray before and after each working day things went smoothly na. I suggested too na i-urong yun main door so that it won't be in line with the offending karatola and they are doing quite well even today. Mahirap lang yun sewage line that passed over the bank vault before kaya sabi ko hindi pwede mag-office doon yun amo. Well, marami pang iba syempre involving some minor changes in the design na hindi na pwede sabihin here.

Gems as protective tools also work but they break when they can no longer contain the chi that is attacking you. If one lacks faith or even understanding ay it will not work with the exception of relics. I opine this is what some may consider as real "agimat."

When one visits a place na infested with the most negative chi ang blessed item like even a cheap St. Benedict Cross WILL WORK - more so kung combined with a scapular. What I usually add as extra shield rin is apply some jasmine or sampaguita oil on my palms and arms. He he, improved precautions gotten from years of experience.

What I do have noted is that per area may difference kaya yun low level remedies may not work. This is why I always highlight improving one's connection to Him to surmount such. More so kung yun prayer na ginamit as you attune to Him is said in the original language. For some reason kapag Taglish type it never works. He he, kaya sa mga Jejemon ay malas na lang ninyo.

bunker buster
June 17th, 2010, 19:06
Sa bagay Sir CH,di ba sa mga black magic practitioner ang prayer & chanting nila is in latin or other old language(I hope I'm right I'm just basing what I saw in TV,e duwag ako sa mga ganyan hahaha!Pero curious lang)

Yung Gems to use as agimat pwede na yun like birth stone (ie sapphire & etc) need not be diamonds di ba? Kasi I know yung Crystal can store energy(Chi) pero should be blessed by the pari to activate it?

City Hunter
June 17th, 2010, 19:50
Hi, bunker buster. Black magic practitioners do indeed use old language in their spells and summoning. Although yun madalas ma-encounter ko na local versions use pidgin Latin. It depends on the area but mostly parang Taglish version like Latin and Ilocano, etc.

Diamonds are strong but alam ko bawal sa Aries if memory serves me correct. In conflict with the sign or something - pasensya na at patay na yun guru who shared that to me at hindi ako that interested then as cannot afford a diamond.

Crystal, mirrors, water, ceramic, etc. can contain energy provided they are of the approved type, dimensions, etc. Medyo magastos and sometimes impractical. Like yun sinabi ko na solid gold dragon chasing pearl pin. Walang makapasa sa standard ko from those sold at Manila's Chinatown kaya the wife searched for one sa Hong Kong - may nahanap naman. Regalo niya kasi sa husband niya who also does business sa Hong Kong yun.

To activate it hindi naman kailangan pari. Its those things that need to be blessed dapat but walang masama kung ipa-bless mo rin especially in churches that are noted to have miracles happen and the one blessing it is truly linked to Him. Now you know why its after a Mass ang healing para attuned ka and others PLUS cleansed na rin from much negative chi.

Ito lang tatandaan ninyo. IF the ritual is done when the sun is out ay hindi of the good yun. You are being duped to fall into the dark side. More so if the one doing it doesn't go WITH you. I'm sure you have seen this in movies and TV shows and totoo yun. They are selling you already and getting their payment for the meat delivered.

bunker buster
June 18th, 2010, 08:46
naku CH tinatakot mo ako. Di bale I will always pack my airsoft pistol just in case.(I will use it to shoot myself)HAHAHA! Kala ng magikero tigok na ako hindi pala.I will just make my escape.

Anyway bale kung bless na yung crystal one just carry it in his person to be useful?